About Miquila

Miquila Alejandre was sitting cross-legged on the library carpet of Leimbach Elementary when she got the devasting news that her favorite author had passed. Her six-year old brain reasoned that since he was dead, generations to come would not have the pleasure of reading his books. Struck by the gravity of this alternate reality, Miquila decided that she would become an author herself, for the future first-graders of the world who would not have Dr. Seuss as a muse.

Her specific writing aspirations have changed since she was six, but her dream of reaching people through writing has not. She has just finished her first novel and is working on her second. Miquila holds a MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts, a teaching credential through Alliant International University and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley.

On another note, her favorite thing to do is traipse around muddying up pretty dresses. Her favorite thing to eat is a Meyer Lemon, skin included, doused in sea salt.

© Miquila Alejandre